Sound Effects

I want there to be sound in the background in my exhibition in every room to make the experience more interesting for the visitors and to create mood and atmosphere. 

I have found a website that will let me download sound effects for free:

I searched for sci-fi fantasy sounds that would be played in the main room to create an eerie atmospheric feel. 

For the time tunnel entrance and exit, I found some weird, time travelling sound to make it seem like you are stepping into a different world. 

The obvious sounds that I searched was clocks ticking. I found sound clips that had clocks ticking fast and slow to play in my exhibition to make the experience more surreal. 

For the ‘three dimensions’ rooms, I found individual sound clips that would be played alongside the performance with the holograms telling the audience what is happening in that world. The sound effects add a more realistic and interesting performance.


Introduction Rooms

For my audience to understand fully about what they will be expecting in every room, I thought of introducing introduction rooms for every concept of time room. This room would be a presentation explaining more about the concept of time and what they will expect to do/see in the next room.

For example, in the mechanical vs body time introduction room, there will be a presentation explaining what exactly is mechanical time and body time and what they mean.

This is my photo shop design of the introduction room for the Mechanical Vs Body Time room:


More Designs…


I thought that I would make this room more like the interior and design of the main room as from the last design that I produced did not match at all as the main room.


This is the first room where the visitors would first come to. This is the introduction room where there would be projections on all the walls telling the visitors what they are going to see and to make them think what time actually is. 


This is the first room in the three dimensions concept space. There are moving holograms of the ‘man’ and the ‘woman’ so the audience would understand the concept better and in able to learn about what happens in that particular world. There are also quotes from the novel as holograms shown on the walls so the visitors can relate it to the book.


Designs so far on photoshop


This is my photo shop design for the main room so far, I might change the colour of the rooms roof as looking at it I think black is a bit dark and maybe a dark brown would go more with the colour scheme.Image

This is a photo shop design of the mechanical Vs body time room. I think again by looking at this, I need to experiment with the colours a bit more to maybe match the colour scheme of the main room.

Entrance and Exit Pathways

I had an idea of having time tunnels in my exhibition and I thought these would fit into the entrance and exit pathways. The time tunnel for the entrance would be a metaphor for the visitors entering einstein’s dream world and the same for the exit where it would be a metaphor for where the visitors are leaving the dream world and coming back into reality. 


I thought the time tunnel for the exit should conclude the whole experience so I thought I would have holograms of clocks floating in the time tunnel portraying one of the concepts of time that was featured in the exhibition to leave the visitors thinking about what time is and how there could be many other concepts of time out there…

Time has three dimensions

There is going to be three rooms that portray the three different worlds that the book mentions whether he goes to visit this woman or not. In the rooms, the audience will walk round them understanding what happens in each world. There would be props helping to explain what happens that would be arranged in the room.


To make the room a bit more interesting, there would be moving holograms of the man in the room doing different things to ‘act’ out the scene of what happens in that particular room. There would also be moving images that would be shown around the room.


Mechanical Vs Body time


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