At first I was thinking of placing my exhibition in the Science Museum in London but I realised the size of my exhibition is not going to be able to fit in the museum and it has to be quite a large space to fit all the rooms in. The NEC in Birmingham would be a perfect venue to fit my exhibition into.   http://www.thenec.co.uk/. ‘The NEC is a trading name of The National Exhibition Centre Ltd.’

The NEC contains 21 different sized halls for exhibition space. I thought of using the biggest hall they have to be able to create my exhibition space. I found that hall 5 contained the biggest exhibition space.

This is the ground plan of Hall 5:

I need to measure the space and work out how my exhibition is going to fit into the space.

Floor Space:  24,870m2

Max. Dimensions: 210 x 120m

Central Columns: 17

Access Main Entrance: 12.5m(w) x 7.9m(d)x 3.1m(h)9 x Vehicle Entry Doors


Technical Information

_ Clear ceiling height is 15.5m
Clear ceiling height in the high bay
(60 x 60m) – 19.1m

_ All columns are 1.5m2 at 30m centres

_ Vehicle Entry doors are 7.5m(w) x 4.7m(h)
_ Floor loading – 20 tonnes per m2
(excluding floor ducts)

_ All main services (e.g. electrics, gas, water,
compressed air) are provided from under
floor ducts at 6m centres across the width
of the hall

_ Roof mounted lighting units – Sodium fittings
with fluorescent emergency lighting.


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