No Time (only images)



Concepts of Time

The concepts of time from the novel, ‘Einstein’s Dreams’ that are going to be featured in my exhibition are:


No Time – Installation

Mechanical Vs Body time – Questionnaire

Three Dimensions – Walk – Through


Structure of the Exhibition

The visitors will walk into a room where they will be shown a quick presentation on, ‘what is time?’ and how we normally perceive time but what happens if there were other concepts of time that we hadn’t of thought of…

Then the door from that room will open and then they would walk into the main circular room where a vintage clock face would cover the ground floor and a wax figure of Einstein standing in the centre of the room. There would be four doors leading to different attractions portraying a concept of time. 


At first I was thinking of placing my exhibition in the Science Museum in London but I realised the size of my exhibition is not going to be able to fit in the museum and it has to be quite a large space to fit all the rooms in. The NEC in Birmingham would be a perfect venue to fit my exhibition into. ‘The NEC is a trading name of The National Exhibition Centre Ltd.’

The NEC contains 21 different sized halls for exhibition space. I thought of using the biggest hall they have to be able to create my exhibition space. I found that hall 5 contained the biggest exhibition space.

This is the ground plan of Hall 5:

I need to measure the space and work out how my exhibition is going to fit into the space.

Floor Space:  24,870m2

Max. Dimensions: 210 x 120m

Central Columns: 17

Access Main Entrance: 12.5m(w) x 7.9m(d)x 3.1m(h)9 x Vehicle Entry Doors


Technical Information

_ Clear ceiling height is 15.5m
Clear ceiling height in the high bay
(60 x 60m) – 19.1m

_ All columns are 1.5m2 at 30m centres

_ Vehicle Entry doors are 7.5m(w) x 4.7m(h)
_ Floor loading – 20 tonnes per m2
(excluding floor ducts)

_ All main services (e.g. electrics, gas, water,
compressed air) are provided from under
floor ducts at 6m centres across the width
of the hall

_ Roof mounted lighting units – Sodium fittings
with fluorescent emergency lighting.

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